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Clinton Says US Should Use 'Smart Power' With Diplomacy in Lead
Edited by Tran Le Quan
Sunday, Sep 16, 2012
A committee of the United States Senate has met with Senator Hillary Clinton. President-elect Obama nominated her to be Secretary of State. Senator Clinton said if she is confirmed she would improve United States relations with its allies. She said she would use smart power diplomacy to deal with Israel security needs as well as the Palestinian political and economic goals. Ms. Clinton also said President-elect Obama and his team are greatly concerned about the actions of Iran’s government. She said the Obama administration will seek a new policy toward Iran and that no plan of action has been rejected.
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US House Representatives Voting on Debt Ceiling Plan
Edited by Warren Johnson - Nguyen Nam Tran
Wednesday, Aug 03, 2011
(VOA) – The United States House Represen - tatives has passed a measure to cut spending and raise the United States debt limit. The measure is a compromise among Democratic and Republican lawmakers and the Obama administration. It permits the debt ceiling to rise by 2.4 trillion dollars. It also cuts 900 billion dollars in spending over ten years. And the proposal would set up a new congressional committee to find ways to reduce the deficit and additional 1.5 trillion dollars. If the committee fails, cuts will be made to programs already identified in a measure.
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Somalia Famine Declared
Edited by Benjamin Parker
Tuesday, Jul 26, 2011
(VOA) – Somalia’s president has declared a food crisis in his country. Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed says food supplies have become so limited that there is, in his words, a famine in Somalia. He also called for more international aid to deal with the crisis. He spoke while visiting a camp for displaced people in Mogadishu. The United Nations is expected to declare a famine in at least parts of Somalia on Wednesday. East Africa has been experiencing its driest weather in 60 years. U.N. officials say more than 11 million people are in need of emergency food aid.
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Geithner: China Needs to Do More
Edited by Warren Johnson - Nguyen Nam Tran
Tuesday, Jul 19, 2011
(VOA) – American Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner says there have been hopeful changes in China’s economic policies. Mr. Geithner spoke Tuesday after two days of talks in Washington between China and the United States. He said American officials urged China to do more to move from an export economy to one that serves its own national market. He urged Chinese officials to not limit a value of Chinese money but to permit it to gain value equal to the country’s strong economy.
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Train and Truck in Fatal Smash
Edited by Huynh Thi Bich Ngoc
Sunday, Jul 17, 2011
(Reuters) – At least two people were killed and about 60 injured when this Amtrak passenger train and a gravel truck collided in the U.S. state of Nevada. The crash happened at a crossing point on a rural highway east of Reno. Amtrak said in a statement the truck drove into the side of the train. There were more than 200 passengers and 14 crew on board. The train was en route from Chicago to Emeryville in California.
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William and Kate in Canada
Edited by Banh Thi Uyen Uyen
Monday, Jul 04, 2011
(Reuters) - Royal newlyweds Prince William and Kate's a third day Canada was jam-packed with activities. Morning found the couple shoveling dirt to plant saplings in Ottawa. By the afternoon, they were meeting with war veterans from World War II up to Afghanistan and the Prince was presented with a gift from a young girl. The newlyweds enjoyed the coolest reception in Montreal from a handful of protesters to gather outside a local hospital.
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Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru Singed a Trade Agreement
Edited by Warren Johnson - Nguyen Nam Tran
Thursday, Jun 30, 2011
(VOA) – The presidents Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru have met in Lima to sign a trade agreement. Mexican President Felipe Calderon described the Pacific Accord as the start of an important trade area. The agreement increases economic ties among the four countries with a goal of creating a market that is competitive with larger economies such as Brazil. It also is designed to develop a plan to grow trade with Asian markets. The leaders say the agreement could be expanded later to include Ecuador and other countries in the area.
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U.S.-Vietnam Begin Agent Orange Clean-up
Edited by Ian Taylor & Thien Tri
Thursday, Jun 23, 2011
(Reuters) - A joint project between the Vietnamese defence ministry and the United States to clean up contamination from Agent Orange caused during the Vietnam War gets underway on Friday. The US military sprayed up to 12 million gallons of the defoliant onto Vietnam's jungles over a 10-year period, and the question of compensation for the health problems caused became the biggest remaining post-war issue.
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Angelina Jolie Uses her Star Power for Good
Edited by Banh Thi Uyen Uyen
Saturday, Jun 18, 2011
(Reuters) - UN Goodwill Ambassador Angelina Jolie is lending her star power to the upcoming World Refugee Day. The UN will start rolling out the "One" campaign, which features a message from Jolie that ties in with the agency's crusade calling on people to "Do 1 Thing." The UN refugee agency will mark World Refugee Day with a variety of events worldwide to launch the new global awareness campaign.
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HIV Rates Fall in Worst-Affected Countries
Edited by Warren Johnson - Nguyen Nam Tran
Friday, Nov 26, 2010
(VOA) – The United Nations is reporting a drop in the number of new cases of HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. The UN AIDS agency says the number of new cases dropped nearly 20% in the past 10 years. However, more than 33 million people are still infected by the virus. The UN agency said Tuesday that the rate of new HIV infections has stayed the same or dropped in 56 countries, 34 of those countries are in Africa, South of the Sahara. However, nearly 70% of all new HIV infections are still in sub-Saharan Africa.
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