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Viet Nam Tourism up by 35%
Edited by Banh Thi Uyen Uyen
Tuesday, Sep 18, 2012
(VNS) - Viet Nam welcomed close to 1.8 million foreign arrivals in the first four months of the year, representing more than a 35-per-cent year-on-year increase, according to statistics from the Viet Nam National Administration of Tourism (VNAT). The latest figures from the World Tourism Organisation revealed that only a small number of nations had tourism growth rates reaching the double digits. In an attempt to attract international tourists, especially to the Thang Long-Ha Noi millennium celebrations, the VNAT has actively joined in international tourism fairs and Vietnamese festivals abroad.
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English University Fees Set to Rise
Edited by Benjamin Parker
Monday, Sep 17, 2012
(Reuters) - University fees in England could be about to rise. A government-ordered review led by former BP Chief Executive John Browne has suggested universites should be freed from current restrictions which cap fees at 3,290 pounds. The recommendation could see prices double. Leading universities say they need to charge higher fees to retain the best academics and keep pace with the top American institutions. The move is likely to be a source of tension between the two coalition partners running the government - the Liberal Democrats want to abolish tuition fees altogether.
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TIME Magazine Unveils its 100 Most Influential
Edited by Ha Xuan Anh
Thursday, Apr 19, 2012
(Reuters) - TIME magazine unveiled its picks for 100 most influential people in the world for 2012. The ninth annual list is divided into five categories of Moguls, Breakout, Icons, Pioneers and Leaders. The last group includes obvious figures such as U.S. President Barack Obama, but also less well known figures such as China's Vice President Xi Jinping. Time's Executive Editor Radhika Jones. The entries of the new list of influential people are written by well-known figures and copies of the magazine will hit US newsstands on April 18.
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Asian Stock Markets Sink after US Credit Downgrade
Edited by Warren Johnson - Nguyen Nam Tran
Sunday, Sep 11, 2011
(VOA) – Measures of stock prices in Asia and Australia have fallen as trading began early Friday. Measures of Tokyo's Nikkei, Sydney's Australian Securities Exchange, and Seoul's KOSPI stock market all were down about 4 percent. On Thursday, stock measures dropped sharply in the United States and Europe. The Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped more than 500 points that's over 4 percent. That was the index's biggest drop since October 2008. Major European stock indexes also fell about 4 percent.
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