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Censored by Nguyen Tuan Kiet, General News Editor
Solar Eclipse Wows Asia
Edited by Ian Taylor & Thien Tri - Saturday, Sep 14, 2019
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Reuters - It lasted only 6 minutes and 39 seconds, but this century's longest total solar eclipse was witnessed by millions on Wednesday. Visible across a narrow path of Asia, the eclipse traveled through parts of India, China and Japan. It began at dawn in India where tens of thousands gathered for a dip in the Ganges to pray to the sun as it emerged from behind the moon.

Hundreds of enthusiasts wore goggles to catch a glimpse of the phenomenon. In China, emotions ran high among those gathered along a river bank in Chongqing to witness it. "It is a miraculous experience. The moment the total eclipse occurred, I was struck emotionally. I felt like I couldn't look through my glasses and I had to witness this magnificent natural phenomenon with my naked eye." In Shanghai, dark clouds left the sky overcast, dampening the mood for those all prepared to view the eclipse. But many braved the rain to experience the sky turning from light to pitch darkness in minutes. "It is of course disappointing not to have seen this eclipse that happens once in 300 years. Even though we did not see the sun, we experienced darkness during daytime."

Those in the southern islands of Japan had better luck with the weather. As the sun slowly became covered by the moon, excitement grew. "It almost made me cry. My legs were shaking."

Although very rare, the next total eclipse will occur in July 2010, making landfall only on the Cook and Easter Islands in the South Pacific.

1. last /lα:st/ (v)
(not used in the progressive tenses) to continue for a particular period of time: kéo dài
  • to lasted (for) a few minutes: kéo dài vài phút

v Usage note: last and take
- Last is used to talk about the length of time that an event continues: Last chỉ thời lượng để 1 việc tiếp tục
Take is used to talk about the amount of time you need in order to go somewhere or do something: (thường dùng với it hoặc các thành ngữ chỉ thời gian) cần 1 thời lượng để làm gì.
How long does it take the earth to make its annual trip around the sun? Trong 1 năm, trái đất mất bao nhiêu thời gian để quay quanh mặt trời?

2. eclipse /ɪ‘klɪps/ (n) an occasion when the moon passes between the earth and the sun so that you cannot see all or part of the sun for a time; an occasion when the earth passes between the moon and the sun so that you cannot see all or part of the moon for a time: nhật / nguyệt thực
  • partial / total lunar eclipse: nguyệt thực bán phần / toàn phần
  • partial / total solar eclipse: nhật thực bán phần / toàn phần

3. dawn /dɔ:n/ (n) the time of day when light first appears [SYN] DAYBREAK, SUNRISE: bình minh, rạng đông

  • from dawn till dusk: từ tảng sáng đến sẩm tối
  • at dawn: lúc bình minh
  • (at) the crack of dawn: sáng sớm tinh mơ
  • before ~, by ~, till/until ~, towards ~
4. enthusiast /ɪn‘θju:ziæst/ (n) (for/of something) a person who is very interested in sth and spends a lot of time doing it: người đam mê
  • astronomy enthusiasts: người say mệ thiên văn học
  • an enthusiast of the solar system: một người say mê (tìm hiểu) thái dương hệ

5. magnificent /mæg‘nɪfɪsnt/ (a) extremely attractive and impressive; deserving praise [SYN] SPLENDID: lộng lẫy, tráng lệ, phi thường

  • magnificent rainbow of colors: 7 sắc cầu vồng lộng lẫy
  • magnificent natural wonders: các kỳ quan thiên nhiên tráng lệ
6. brave /breɪv/ (v) to have to deal with sth difficult or unpleasant in order to achieve sth: bất chấp, chịu đựng hoặc đương đầu với cái gì mà không sợ hãi
  • to brave danger: chẳng ngại hiểm nguy
  • to brave natural disasters: bất chấp thiên tai
7. landfall /’lændfɔ:l/ (n) the land that you see or arrive at first after a journey by sea or by air: sự nhìn thấy đất liền đầu tiên; sự cập bến
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