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Solar Eclipse Wows Asia
Edited by Ian Taylor & Thien Tri
Saturday, Sep 14, 2019
Reuters - It lasted only 6 minutes and 39 seconds, but this century's longest total solar eclipse was witnessed by millions on Wednesday. Visible across a narrow path of Asia, the eclipse traveled through parts of India, China and Japan. It began at dawn in India where tens of thousands gathered for a dip in the Ganges to pray to the sun as it emerged from behind the moon. Hundreds of enthusiasts wore goggles to catch a glimpse of the phenomenon.In China, emotions ran high among those gathered along a river bank in Chongqing to witness it.
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Ancient Remains of Thalattosaur
Edited by Warren Johnson - Nguyen Nam Tran
Friday, Aug 26, 2011
(VOA) – Scientists in the American state of Alaska have discovered the ancient remains of a rare sea creature that lived more than 200 million years ago. The almost complete fossilized skeleton belonged to a creature known as thalattosaur. Only twelve other full thalattosaurs are known to exist in the world. The scientists say that when this animal died, its body settled into the ocean floor. It was preserved for nearly 220 million years.
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Radio-controlled Hummingbird Represents a New Breed of Drone
Edited by Banh Thi Uyen Uyen
Monday, Jul 25, 2011
(VOA) – A California company has developed a drone that looks like a hummingbird. This nano-hummingbird is smaller than drones now used by the United States military. The manufacturer, AeroVironment, develops and tests its drones near Los Angeles. The experimental bird-like aircraft is radio-controlled and has a camera. AeroViroment says drones also have civilian uses -- for public safety, security, and search and rescue. And the nano-hummingbird can go places that larger drones cannot.
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Microsoft Taps Student Innovation
Edited by Keith Gibson - Than Thi Thu Thao
Sunday, Jul 17, 2011
(Reuters) – Microsoft puts a new spin on innovation - with the Imagine Cup 2011. This year's challenge for the 300,000 college students from around the globe: how to solve some of the world's toughest problems using technology. The finalists gathered in New York City Friday to present their solutions and meet with Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, who sang their praises as future tech leaders. " Winners will be announced on Wednesday.
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Women Edge Past Men in Doctorates in US
Edited by Junei Taylor - Nguyen Mai Tuyet Dung
Friday, Jun 24, 2011
(VOA) - In the United States, about six out of ten students in graduate schools are women. The same is true of today's young adults who already have a degree beyond college. As a result, the Census Bureau expects that more women than men will hold professions such as doctors, lawyers and professors. Men had faster growth rates than women in going to graduate school in 2009. Still, women earned sixty percent of the master's degrees. That was the level of about ninety percent of all the graduate degrees awarded.
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The First Photos from Mercury
Edited by Warren Johnson - Nguyen Nam Tran
Sunday, Jun 19, 2011
(VOA) – The United States space agency has released the first photos taken of the surface of Mercury from a spacecraft orbiting the planet. The black and white image showed the rough surface of Mercury – the closest planet to the Sun. NASA says the Messenger spacecraft sent 360 images back to Earth, Tuesday. Messenger is expected to orbit Mercury for a year studying the planet geography, magnetism and searching for signs of water.
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OMG! Online Abbreviations Make Oxford
Edited by Dean Lincoln - Nguyen Tuan Khai
Wednesday, Jun 15, 2011
(VOA) – The Oxford English Dictionary is adding three-letter abbreviations commonly used in text messages. The latest version of the dictionary includes abbreviations like OMG for “Oh My God!” and LOL which means “Laughing Out Loud”. And for the first time, the book will list a heart-shaped sign (♥) as a completely new deal usage as a verb meaning “to love”. Many people consider the Oxford English Dictionary the most complete record of the English language in the world.
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Discovery Astros Kick off First Spacewalk
Edited by Nguyen Nhu Nguyet - Nguyen Nam Tran
Saturday, Mar 05, 2011
(Reuters) - NASA astronauts began the first of two planned spacewalks on Monday - intended to support maintenance of the International Space Station (ISS). Steve Bowen and Alvin Drew, part of Shuttle Discovery's six-member crew, was scheduled to stand six and a half hours outside the Station. Discovery reached the ISS on Saturday, two days after lift-off from the Kennedy Space Center, for its 39th and final mission. The shuttle is scheduled to spend a week at the Station, though NASA is considering adding an extra day. NASA is ending its 30-year shuttle program in about six months.
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Robot Actress Steals the Show
Edited by Diana Franklin - Nguyen Thuy Bich Ngoc
Thursday, Nov 25, 2010
(Reuters) - Critics may call her acting a little stiff, but Japan's new stage star is not inflexible. Geminoid F is a robot, or android, and she's playing herself, or at least the part of a robot. The play is called "Sayonara", or "Good-bye" and the action revolves around an android caretaker who reads poetry to a dying woman. "For me as a director, there is nothing more substantial than robot actors; all their acting problems can be ultimately solved if I can invest enough time, and the audience always loves to see them acting."
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Mozart Helps Premature Babies
Edited by Katherine Jenkins - Nguyen Nhu Nguyet
Thursday, Oct 07, 2010
(Reuters) - A premature baby listening to the music of child genius Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The research, by Israeli doctors, suggests 30 minutes of Mozart a day helps put on the pounds - which if you're a premature baby is all you need to do. "Now we have it, you know, as a real number showing that he spends less energy, he listens to music a few times a day, he can gain weight faster and then he's going to be discharged earlier, less exposed to complications of the hospitalization which is a serious issue in premature infants."
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