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Censored by Nguyen Tuan Kiet, General News Editor
Koreans Protest Dog-Eating
Edited by Ian Taylor - Saturday, Sep 15, 2012
Untitled Document
Reuters: A protest was held in South Korea on Tuesday, as a sign of allegiance to man's best friend, the dog.

About 20 protesters gathered in downtown Seoul to demand the government abolish the tradition of eating dog meat.

With elaborate costumes and props, the animal-lovers shouted slogans during a downpour to convince more Koreans to give up the canine cuisine.

"Dogs and cats are no
t livestock, but they are our partners. They are not food, but they are our friends. We should abolish the bad habits of eating dogs or cats."

Dog meat stew, a protein-high dish, is a traditional Korean cuisine first eaten over 1,000 years ago and still finding its place on menus.

But criticism from the West
and pet owners has caused a re-think in the country, although South Koreans did ban canine dishes around the 1988 Seoul Olympics.

The nation has become more discreet, with dog meat restaurants usually back-alley fare, while other nations such as Vietnam also offer the dish.

1. allegiance /ə‘li:ʤəns/ (n) ~ (to sb/sth) a person’s continued support for a political party, religion, ruler, etc.: sự ủng hộ
  • to retain the allegiance of: duy trì sự ủng hộ của (ai)
  • to switch/transfer/change allegiance to: chuyển sang / quay sang ủng hộ (ai / cái gì)

2. abolish /ə‘bαlɪʃ/ (v) to officially end a law, a system or an institution: huỷ bỏ

  • to abolish unwritten rules / regulations: bỏ đi những qui định bất thành văn

3. slogan /’sləʊgən/ (n) a word or phrase that is easy to remember, used for example by a political party or in advertising to attract people’s attention or to suggest an idea quickly: khẩu hiệu

  • an advertising / a campaign slogan: khẩu hiệu quảng cáo
  • protesting under the slogan ‘When women stop, everything stops’
4. downpour /daʊnpɔ:(r)/ (n) a heavy fall of rain that often starts suddenly: mưa như trút nước
  • We got caught in a torrential downpour. Chúng tôi bị mắc mưa tầm tã / xối xả.
5. cuisine /kwɪ‘zi:n/ (n) the food served in a restaurant: món ăn
  • to serve superb local cuisine: phục vụ thức ăn đặc sản

6. livestock /’laɪvstαk/ (n) the animals kept on a farm, for example cows or sheep: gia súc

7. stew /stju:/ (n) a dish of meat and vegetables cooked slowly in liquid in a container that has a lid: món hầm

8. canine /’keɪnaɪn/ (a) connected with dogs: liên quan đến chó

  • canine population: số lượng chó
  • Lucky is her canine companion: Chú chó Lucky là bạn đồng hành của cô ấy.

9. discreet /dɪ‘skri:t/ (a) careful in what you say or do, in order to keep sth secret or to avoid causing embarrassment or difficulty for sb: kín đáo

10. back-alley /bæk ‘æli/ (a) happening or done secretly, often illegally: lén lút, bí mật

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