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Censored by Nguyen Tuan Kiet, General News Editor
Cocaine Charge for Paris Hilton
Edited by Michael W. Smith & Le Quan - Wednesday, Sep 01, 2010
Another run-in with the law for

(Reuters) - Another run-in with the law for Paris Hilton. The 29-year-old, who is the great-granddaughter of Hilton hotels founder Conrad Hilton, was arrested in Las Vegas on Friday night and charged with cocaine possession.

Hours before her arrest on the Las Vegas strip, Hilton sat with a local reporter for an interview at a hair salon.

This was the second drug-related arrest for Hilton in two months. She was briefly detained after a World Cup soccer match in South Africa in July on suspicion of marijuana possession.

Three years ago, Hilton pleaded no contest to alcohol-related reckless driving and served 23 days in jail.

1. run-in /rʌn in/ (n) (with s.o) an argument or a fight: cuộc cãi lộn hoặc bất đồng với ai

  • to have a run-in with the law: dính vào vụ tranh cãi pháp lý
  • to have a run-in with paparazzi: cải nhau với mấy tay săn ảnh

2. detain /dɪˈteɪn/ (v) to keep somebody in an official place, such as a police station, a prison or a hospital, and prevent them from leaving: giam giữ

  • to be detained for questioning: bị giữ lại để thẩm vấn

     Usage notes:

  • ADV. briefly He was briefly detained by a local policeman.

    VERB + DETAIN need not This issue need not detail her long.

    PREP. for She was arrested and detained for using drugs. | in connection with Over 60 people have been detained in connection with the coup attempt.

    PHRASES  detain sb without charge/trial He has been detained without trial for nearly two years now.

3. plead /pliːd/ (v) to ask somebody for something in a very strong and serious way: cầu xin, nài xin (= beg)

  • to plead no contest: xin không tranh luận trước tòa   
  • to plead guilty / not giulty: khai có tội  / vô tội
  • Counsel for the accused said that he intended to plead insanity.
    Luật sư của bị cáo cho rằng ông ta muốn chứng minh là bị cáo mất trí.

4. reckless /ˈrekləs/ (adj) showing a lack of care about danger and the possible results of your actions: thiếu thận trọng, liều lĩnh, hoang phí

  • to be fined US$ for reckless driving: bị phạt 100 đô vì lái xe ẩu    
  • to be reckless of his own safety: coi thường sự an toàn của chính anh ta
  • a reckless spender: người tiêu tiền hoang phí
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