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Censored by Nguyen Tuan Kiet, General News Editor
A Dangerous Game
Edited by Benjamin Parker - Tuesday, Oct 05, 2010
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(Reuters) - A most dangerous game. It's called the train game. In Colombia, teen-agers wait on the tracks until they see the train headed their way. Then, just moments before they are hit, they lie between the rails, letting the train pass over them.

So far, there have been no reported deaths. But there have been injuries, like this young man who lost two of his fingers on the tracks.

Local authorities said they plan to start a public health campaign to convince the daredevils that this is a dangerous sport.

/træks/ (n) rails that a train moves along: đường ray tàu hỏa

  • single / double track: đường ray đơn / kép
  • railway tracks: đường sắt = railroad tracks (tiếng Mỹ)
  • to leave the track: trật đường ray
  • to be on track 6: ở đường săn ga số 6
  • India has thousands of miles of track. Ấn Độ có hàng ngàn dậm đường sắt

2. headed /hedid/ (v) to move towards: chạy tới, tiến tới, hướng đến

  • Where are you heading? Anh đang đi về đâu vậy?
    = Where are you headed?
  • to head north = to move north: đi về hướng bắc
  • to head out to sea: ra khơi, hướng ra biển cả

3. pass over /ˈpɑːsəʊvə(r)/ (v) to move past or speed over: chạy cán qua, chạy lướt qua

4. daredevils /ˈderdevlz/ (n) a person who enjoys doing dangerous things, in a way that other people may think is stupid: người không biết sợ, kẻ liều mạng

  • a reckless daredevil: kẻ liều lĩnh


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