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Censored by Nguyen Tuan Kiet, General News Editor
Save a Cow - Eat this Dress, instead!
Edited by Banh Thi Uyen Uyen - Tuesday, Jun 14, 2011
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(Reuters) - This dress is good enough eat. As meat consumption continues to rise, animal rights group PETA is trying to encourage consumers to go vegetarian. Chinese actress Gao Yuanyuan is draped in a gown made of lettuce leaves, with a necklace of red chili peppers. The look says it all: Vegetarianism is sexy.

"After going vegetarian, I feel so much lighter. When I first started the vegetarian diet, I was not used to it and so I ate starchy foods in big amounts so I gained a little bit of weight. Still, I felt much more energetic. After that, I regained my figure and stopped gaining weight, and that has remained consistent."

Chinese, historically, have maintained a vegetable heavy diet, but as incomes and living standards rise among the country's growing middle class, people are eating more meat.
On average, each person consumes 55 kilograms each year.


PETA's Jason Baker says China's carnivorous consumption has quadrupled over the last four decades, resulting in health problems.

1. gown /ɡaʊn/ (n) a woman's dress, especially a long one for special occasions: áo dài của phụ nữ, áo choàng

  • an evening / wedding gown: áo ngủ, áo cưới

  • a bridal gown: áo cô dâu

  • a BA gown: áo Cử Nhân Văn Chương  

2. lettuce /ˈletɪs/ (n) a plant with large green leaves that are eaten raw, especially in salad: cây rau diếp (có nhiều loại rau diếp)

  • lettuce and tomato salad: món sa-lat rau diếp và cà chua

3. starchy /ˈstɑːrtʃi/ (adj) containing a lot of starch: chất tinh bột, giàu chất tinh bột

  • starchy foods like rice and bread: những thực phẩm giàu tinh bột như cơm, bánh mì

  • starchy vegetables: các loại rau quả chứa nhiều tinh bột

4. carnivorous /kɑːrˈnɪvərəs/ (adj) refer to any animal that eats meat: thuộc động vật ăn thịt

  • a carnivorous diet: ăn kiêng thịt

     Usage notes:

  • herbivorous: /ɜːrˈbɪvərəs/ hoặc /hɜːrˈbɪvərəs/ thuộc động vật ăn cỏ

  • omnivorous: /ɑːmˈnɪvərəs/ động vật ăn tạp (ăn thịt và cỏ)

5. quadruple /kwɑːˈdruːpl/ (V) to become four times bigger; to make something four times bigger: nhân lên gấp bốn lần

  • Cases of food poisoning have quadrupled. Các vụ ngộ độc thực phẩm tăng lên gấp bốn lần.

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