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Censored by Nguyen Tuan Kiet, General News Editor
Balloon Dresses a Boom for Artist
Edited by Porter Kotler - Vu Phuong Anh - Saturday, Aug 13, 2011
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(Reuters) – Warning! If you plan to get close to any sharp objects, don't wear this dress. Japanese artist Rie Hosokai expands her design horizon using inflated balloons. The result? A light, transparent, mini-dress that's bound to cause a stir, says Hosokai.

"You can wow people at parties or weddings with a balloon dress. They will be surprised."

And the dresses also provide an inflated profit for the former florist. Balloons cost 10 U.S. cents each and the completed designs sell for between around $2,000 and $4,000. Despite its obvious party appeal, this is one dress you can't drift in for too long - the balloons deflate after 24 hours. So, plan to go out with a bang, rather than a deflated whimper. 

1. horizon /həˈraɪzn/ (n) the limit of your desires, knowledge or interests: tầm nhìn, nhận thức, phạm vi hiểu biết

  • to broaden my horizons: mở mang kiến thức của tôi
  • The designer needs new horizons now.
    Nhà thiết kế ấy đang cần những kiến thức mới (về thiết kế).

2. stir /stɜːr/ (n) excitement, anger or shock that is felt by a number of people: sự náo nhiệt, sự kích động, sự gây sốc

  • to cause quite a stir: gây náo nhiệt, tạo ra sự kích động
  • to cause something of a stir: tạo nên chất náo nhiệt, tạo "chất sốc"
  • There was quite a stir about the book.
    Cuốn sách gây xôn xao.

3. appeal /əˈpiːl/ (n) a quality that makes somebody/something attractive or interesting: tính hấp dẫn, sự quyến rũ

  • Ao dai has never really lost its appeal.
    Chiếc áo dài chẳng bao giờ mất đi nét quyến rũ.
  • Natasha's measurements hold special appeal for KB.
    Số đo ba vòng của Natasha có sức quyến rũ đặc biệt với KB.

     Usage notes:

  • ADJ. considerable, great, special, strong | immediate, instant the book's immediate appeal to young children | limited, little | broad, mass, popular, universal, wide a publication designed for mass appeal | aesthetic,  intellectual, sex, visual Unfortunately, their product lacks aesthetic appeal.

  • VERB + APPEAL have, hold His views hold no appeal for me. | broaden, extend, widen We are trying to broaden the appeal of classical music. | lose

  • APPEAL + VERB lie in sth His considerable appeal lies in his quiet, gentle manner.

  • PREP. ~ for School lost its appeal for her in the second year.


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