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Koreans Protest Dog-Eating
Edited by Ian Taylor
Saturday, Sep 15, 2012
Reuters - A protest was held in South Korea on Tuesday, as a sign of allegiance to man's best friend, the dog. About 20 protesters gathered in downtown Seoul to demand the government abolish the tradition of eating dog meat. With elaborate costumes and props, the animal-lovers shouted slogans during a downpour to convince more Koreans to give up the canine cuisine. "Dogs and cats are not livestock, but they are our partners. They are not food, but they are our friends. We should abolish the bad habits of eating dogs or cats."
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Bill Gates to Become Comic Book Hero
Edited by Banh Thi Uyen Uyen
Saturday, Apr 21, 2012
(Reuters) - He's no superhero in the traditional sense, but Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist Bill Gates has touched many lives. And now a comic with colorful illustrations will illustrate his life. The graphic novel titled "Bill Gates: Co-Founder of Microsoft" will shed light on key events of his life - such as the founding moment of software giant Microsoft and his marriage to Melinda. The book is released by Bluewater Productions that previously launched similar comics featuring the lives of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and late Apple CEO Steve Jobs.
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Jackson Kids Dedicate Father's Art
Edited by Benjamin Parker
Friday, Aug 26, 2011
(Reuters) – In a rare public appearance, the children of the late Michael Jackson - Prince, Paris and Blanket - accompanied their aunt and grandmother to unveil art by their famous father at a ceremony at Children's Hospital Los Angeles. "I know that Michael wouldn't want this art in a better place, than a hospital like this that will help children, and people everywhere. I'm so proud that these pieces are here to help those who need it."
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Balloon Dresses a Boom for Artist
Edited by Porter Kotler - Vu Phuong Anh
Saturday, Aug 13, 2011
(Reuters) – Warning! If you plan to get close to any sharp objects, don't wear this dress. Japanese artist Rie Hosokai expands her design horizon using inflated balloons. The result? A light, transparent, mini-dress that's bound to cause a stir, says Hosokai. "You can wow people at parties or weddings with a balloon dress. They will be surprised."
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Hundreds March against Sex Crimes
Edited by Raymond Murphy - Diep Hai Yen
Friday, Aug 05, 2011
(Reuters) – Hundreds of women and men in Mexico City marched for women's rights on Sunday in the so-called 'slut march'. An international movement, the march aims to bring attention to violence and sexual crimes against women around the world. Holding signs and chanting 'no means no', one woman explained the double standard of wearing revealing clothing. According to a 2006 survey, four out of 10 Mexican woman have been the victims of sexual aggression, particularly in public places and at work.
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New York Legalizes Same - Sex Marriage
Edited by Warren Johnson - Nguyen Nam Tran
Friday, Jul 29, 2011
(VOA) – There were hundreds of marriages in the American state of New York on Sunday of people of the same sex. New York is the sixth state in the nation to permit same-sex marriages and the one with the most people. Beginning in the western town of Niagara Falls, gay and lesbian couples began being married early in the morning as soon as Sunday began. In New York City, more than 800 couples applied for a marriage license. New York lawmakers approved same–sex marriages on June 24th. The law went into effect Sunday. New York joined the mid-western state of Iowa and the New England states of Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont, and the city of Washington D.C. in legalizing gay marriage.
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I doggy do!
Edited by Banh Thi Uyen Uyen
Monday, Jul 25, 2011
(Reuters) – Marriage goes to the dogs in Lima. Several canine couples tied the knot in Peru - their faithful owners giving them away in holy matrimony. "For me, the dog is important. Since I have no children, they have become my children." And a paw print was all that was needed to seal the deal. The event was held to promote responsible pet ownership...and to celebrate canine courtship.
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Workers Join in Skills Competition
Edited by Diana Franklin - Nguyen Thuy Bich Ngoc
Sunday, Jul 03, 2011
(VNS) - Nearly 400 outstanding workers will join the National Skills Competition, which is held simultanously today in Hà Nội, Ninh Bình Province and HCM City. The workers selected from vocational skill competitions from 43 cities and provinces across the country, would join the national competition, said Đàm Hữu Đắc, deputy minister of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs.
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New Zealand Mourns the Death of Shrek
Edited by Banh Thi Uyen Uyen
Tuesday, Jun 28, 2011
(Reuters) – Shrek, New Zealand's most famous and beloved sheep, has died. The 16-year-old merino was put down after a three-week-long illness. Shrek shot to fame in 2004, when he was found inside a cave, after escaping the shearer's blade for six years. He went under the shears on live television, yielding an impressive 27 kilograms of wool. Shrek's owner, John Perriam, says the sheep's health had been failing, and that in human terms, Shrek was close to 90-years-old.
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Senegal Beggars Banned
Edited by Junei Taylor - Nguyen Mai Tuyet Dung
Saturday, Jun 25, 2011
(VOA) - Senegal 's government says it will officially ban people from asking for money in the streets of the capital, Dakar. The Prime Minister spoke after attending a meeting on human trafficking on Tuesday. He said police will soon begin enforcing the ban. He said the beggars can go to religious centers to ask for donations. Human rights groups say beggars are forced into asking for money by organizations that say they are Islamic schools. Many of the beggars are young children. The rights group says the children are often required to meet a daily amount of money from begging. If they fail to meet this amount, they say, the children are beaten.
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