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EU Health Chief Calls for a Ban on Smoking
Edited by Huynh Thi Bich Ngoc
Tuesday, Sep 18, 2012
The health chief of the European Union is calling for a ban on smoking in all public spaces by 2012. Androulla Vassiliou is the EU’s health commissioner. She told news reporters in Belgium on Tuesday that every European should have full protection from tobacco smoke. She said there is an increase in public support for anti-smoking measures among EU member countries. Britain and Ireland have the toughest anti-smoking measures in the European Union.
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Whales Arrive in Argentina
Edited by Ha Xuan Anh
Tuesday, Jul 10, 2012
(Reuters) - Southern right whales arrive at Argentina's Patagonian coastline Friday. The whales, only found in the southern hemisphere, head up Atlantic coastlines in the winter. This bay at Valdes peninsula, holds the world's largest concentration of southern right whales. They will call the bay home from June until December. Much of the peninsula is a nature reserve and was declared part of Argentina's national heritage in 1999.
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Giant Dust Storm Hits Arizona
Edited by Keith Gibson - Than Thi Thu Thao
Monday, Jul 25, 2011
(Reuters) – The U.S. state of Arizona is used to dust storms but not many of them are this big. The giant cloud of dust and sand swept across Phoenix and surrounding areas on Tuesday bringing transport chaos with it. Phoenix Sky Harbour Airport was temporarily closed. Motorists were forced to pull over as visibility fell. The storm came in with sustained winds of 112 kilometres an hour and stretched for almost 50 kilometres.
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Nicaraguan Volcano's Dramatic Eruption
Edited by Edward Evans - Nguyen Tri Duc
Thursday, Jun 16, 2011
(Reuters) - Nicaragua's Telica volcano sends a huge plume of gas and ash spewing into the sky. The kilometer-high peak, which is one of the country's most active volcanoes, also triggered a series of small earthquakes last week. One resident is concerned: "We know they are natural phenomena. But what possibilities would we have to receive a warning so that we are able to get out before we are dragged away? They tell us the Santa Clara hill is also showing signs of problems."
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Japan Quake Upgraded to Magnitude 9
Edited by Diana Franklin - Nguyen Thuy Bich Ngoc
Wednesday, Mar 16, 2011
(Reuters) - Japan continues its emergency response to the largest earthquake to strike the country since records began. As the full of extent of the devastation is revealed, Japan's Meteorological Agency has upgraded the earthquake from 8.9 to 9.0 on the Richter scale, making it one of the largest the world has ever seen. The agency's director said it was upgraded after analyzing the extent of the tremor. "We have discovered that this massive earthquake occurred three times continuously."
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Floods Threaten the Taj Mahal
Edited by Edward Evans - Nguyen Tri Duc
Wednesday, Sep 22, 2010
(Reuters) - Floodwaters in India's northern Uttar Pradesh state are threatening the Taj Mahal, one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Officials say the monument, which stands on the banks of the Yamuna River, is dangerously close to being impacted by the floodwaters. The water level in the Yamuna crossed the danger mark following heavy rains. At least 15 districts in Uttar Pradesh state have been flood-affected. India's monsoon, which last year delivered the weakest rainfall in 37 years, is causing extensive flooding in several parts of northern Indian states over the last several weeks.
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Rare Monkeys Spotted in Vietnam
Edited by Dean Lincoln - Nguyen Tuan Khai
Tuesday, Aug 17, 2010
(CNN) - Researchers have discovered a previously unknown group of rare monkeys in the forests of Vietnam. The monkeys were "very sensitive to the presence of people, giving warning signs to one another and fleeing" whenever biologists approached, the group said in a statement."It was apparent that the monkeys associated humans with danger -- perhaps due to ongoing threats from hunters," the group said.
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Rare White Tigers Born at German Zoo
Edited by Edward Evans - Nguyen Tri Duc
Saturday, Aug 14, 2010
(Reuters) - "They are so cute that I'm not just the professional, the veterinarian but I also take a personal interest in them and that they're doing well."Because of their colour, the cubs would probably not survive in the wild, making them especially rare. "White tigers do exist. It's a colour mutation of the conventional tiger colour. But the colour means that the tigers do not reach maturity and the age of reproduction because it is totally inappropriate as a camouflage."
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An Oil Sentence for Birds
Edited by Vo Nhat Giang Thanh
Monday, Jun 07, 2010
An oil soaked Brown Pelican off Queen Bess Island in Louisiana. As the oil spill hits day 47, the crisis is increasingly taking a toll on wildlife. On Friday the government reported that 527 dead birds were collected dead over the past 45-days along the Gulf Coast, although not all of those birds showed signs of oil. Of particular concern, is the brown pelican, which was only removed from the endangered species list last year. Queen Bess Island is one of three sites in Louisiana where the brown pelican had been reintroduced.
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UK Launches Swine Flu Help Site
Edited by Ian Taylor & Thien Tri
Saturday, May 29, 2010
(Reuters) - Britain is being hit hard by the flu pandemic. That's according to health experts who say it's due to the country being a major travel destination. The government has launched a National Flu Pandemic service to help battle the virus. Workers at this call centre are helping diagnose the disease, offering advice to callers.
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