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Censored by Nguyen Tuan Kiet, General News Editor
Sex and the City Mania Hits New York
Edited by Rachel L. Murray - Tuesday, Sep 18, 2012
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'Sex and the City'(*) mania gripped New York City on Monday with the world premiere of the highly-anticipated, 'Sex and the City 2'. Hundreds of screaming fans lined the street outside Radio City Music Hall as the film's stars strutted a silver carpet, complete with chandeliers.

The film sees a return of the fabulous foursome, Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda as they carry on with their busy lives. Actress Sarah Jessica Parker, who plays Carrie, says the film is much more than a glorified fashion show, with the four women all facing their own challenges.

"They become more mature as we've matured but I think you can't hang your hat on fashion forever, I think people want a substantive story that is meaningful to them whet her they relate or not and they want to hear women talk about the things that are important to them besides their desire to wear a pretty dress."

The pals take an all-expenses luxury trip to Abu Dhabi courtesy of Samantha, but the Arab sojourn takes an unexpected turn when she gets in hot water for kissing in public.

Actress Cynthia Nixon rejects any suggestion the film is 'anti-Muslim'. "I would never describe it as anti-Muslim. I think the women are very excited to be in the Middle East and you know, my character goes really, really goes out of her way not to offend anyone and to fit in with the social morays and pick up as much Arabic as she possibly can."

Until now, the film's plot remained a heavily guarded secret. Actor John Corbett who plays Carrie's former love interest Aidan, says his role was so secret.. he didn't even realise he was in the film. "It was such a secret that when I got the script for the first time and read it, I thought they cut my part, because it said Wyatt, and nobody informed me that I was going to be Wyatt. And I called him back and he said, you're Wyatt, idiot."

'Sex and the City 2' opens across North America on May 27.

(*) Sex and the City: Có tựa tiếng Việt là "Chuyện ấy là chuyện nhỏ". Không kể đến việc cấm trẻ em dưới 16 tuổi thì nội dung và hình ảnh nói về đề tài tình yêu - tình dục của "Sex and the city" cũng đủ "nóng" để hứa hẹn một cơn sốt đối với khán giả VN mùa hè này. Phim kể về đời sống tình cảm cùng quan niệm rất thực tế trong vấn đề yêu đương, tình dục của 4 phụ nữ thành đạt.

2. mania /
ˈmeɪniə/ (n) (for s.th/for Ving s.th) an extremely strong desire or enthusiasm for something, often shared by a lot of people at the same time: cơn sốt (yêu thích tột độ) = craze

  • "Avatar" mania in Vietnam: cơn sốt phim 3D "Avatar" ở Việt Nam

  • "Shrek Forever After" mania sweeps the country: "Chằn tinh Shrek - Cuộc phiêu lưu cuối cùng" đang tạo cơn sốt trong nước.

  • to have a mania for collecting all Michael Jackson songs: ham mê thu thập các bài hát của Michael Jackson

maniac /ˈmeɪniæk/ (n) người ngông cuồng, tín đồ của (theo nghĩa a big fan of)

  • That guy is a football maniac. Nó là tín đồ của túc cầu giáo.

  • That mania is driving recklessly . Thằng điên đó chạy xe bạt mạng. / Xe "điên" chạy bạt mạng.

3. strut /strʌt/ (n) to walk proudly with your head up and chest out to show that you think you are important: đi oai vệ, khệnh khạng

  • to strut and pose for the cameras: bước đi kiêu kỳ và làm duyên trước ống kính / máy quay

  • She strutted her way past the room, ignoring our greeting: Cô ta vênh váo đi ngang phòng, phớt lờ lời chào hỏi của chúng tôi.
    Chú ý cụm từ: "strut one's way".

  • to strut your stuff: trổ tài (trong nghệ thuật biểu diễn, khiêu vũ)

4. chandelier /ʃændəˈlɪr/ (n) a large round frame with branches that hold lights or candles. Chandeliers are decorated with many small pieces of glass and hang from the ceiling: đèn chùm

  • crystal chandelier: đèn chùm bằng pha lê

5. foursome /ˈfɔːsəm/ (n) a group of four people taking part in a social activity or sport together: nhóm bốn người

  • to make up a foursome for: lập thành một nhóm bốn người / lập bộ tứ

6. mature /məˈtʃʊə(r)/ hoặc /məˈʃʊə(r)/ (v) to become fully grown or developed: trưởng thành, trở nên chín chắn

  • to mature a great deal: trưởng thành hơn

  • to mature physically and emotionally: trưởng thành / chín chắn về thể chất lẫn tâm hồn

  • She had matured into a beautiful young woman. Cô ấy bước qua tuổi bồng bột, trở thành một phụ nữ trẻ đẹp.

  • to have mature and settle down: trưởng thành (thành đạt) và an cư lạc nghiệp

  • a matured and married woman: một phụ nữ thành đạt và có gia đình

7. courtesy /ˈkɜːtəsi/ (n) given as a prize or provided free by a person or an organization: nhờ sự ưu đãi của


8. idiot /ˈɪdiət/ (n) a very stupid person: người ngu ngốc, kẻ khờ dại


     Usage notes:

  • ADJ. blithering, complete, gibbering, prize, right, silly, stupid What stupid idiot left their shoes on the stairs?

  • VERB + IDIOT be, feel (like), look like I felt a right idiot, standing there in front of all those people!

  • PHRASES make an idiot of yourself He's made a complete idiot of himself over this woman!


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