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Translation Care
Fast - Honest - Reliable

English Time has been offering translation services since 1999. We are a trusted provider of high quality services to individuals and all types of companies. 

Our translators are university lecturers with a minimum of 5 years relevant translation experience. 

English Time regularly undertakes the following types of documents: 

Document Translation

  • Technical Manuals
  • Employee Handbook
  • Medical Manuals
  • Employee Manuals
  • Birth Certificates
  • Driver Licenses
  • Marriage Certificates
  • Passport
  • Death Certificates
  • High School Certificates
  • Medical Reports
  • Divorce Decrees
  • Business Contract
  • Diplomas and Transcripts

Business Translation

  • Email
  • Memos
  • Brochures
  • Business Correspondence
  • Presentations
  • Technical and User Manuals
  • Advertising and Marketing Copy
  • Service Manuals & Instruction Leaflets
  • Proposals

Website Translation

Basic Translation
(Personal websites / blogs)
Advanced Translation
(Business websites)
Premium Translation
(Translating and web designing)
The most affordable

No changes made to design layout

No maintenance support offered
The most popular

Your website fully translated including META tags and JavaScript

One month of free technical and linguistic support
The best served, both language and technology.

All content translated: META tags, JavaScript, dynamic menus, forms, databases, and database driven content (PHP/MySQL/.NET)

Three months of free technical support

Certified Translation

Such translations as birth certificates, marriage certificates, high school certificates can be notarized, certified and legalized to meet your exact requirements.

Document formats

We deal with all popular document formats such as Microsoft Office, PageMaker, etc. Besides traditional hard copy, documents can be submitted and delivered via email or fax.

Pricing and Payment

Charges for translations are calculated according to the following:

  • The number of words/characters in the source document
  • Format of the original and translated documents
  • Language pairs to be translated.
  • Class of translation
  • Complexity
  • Deadline

You may email, work online, or call (+84)8 3937 4358 to discuss your requirements.

Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

Your documents are to be treated as confidential at all times. English Time will be happy to sign commercial non-disclosure agreements (NDA).


My first e-book of verse

Writing Care for ESL Students
We don't just write; we inspire

If you are having difficulty putting pen to paper, come to the Writing Care at English Time anyway! The earlier the better!

Who needs help

Writing Care serves:

  • Learners that currently registered a Writing Course at English Time
  • Who want to become more effective, more confident ESL writers

What you benefit from Writing Care

English Time instructors will:
  • help you get started
  • assist you at any point in your writing process
  • explain your writing strengths and weaknesses
  • suggest how you can improve your writing, but you are still responsible for making any changes or revisions.

Please note that the instructors will not edit or proofread your papers for you. Nor will they do your reading or thinking or writing for you.

Instead, their goal is to teach you to do these things for yourself so that you can become a better, more confident writer.

You should come prepared to think and talk about your writing.


Please note that fees are not for the students that taking a Writing Course with English Time.

Standing Consultation One-time Consultation
Students make regular weekly appointments for a set period of time, up to the end of the semester

Duration: 15 weeks
Schedule: Two one-hour sessions per week
Fee: USD95
All writers to schedule an appointment for at least 60-minute meetings in advance.

Duration: Minimum 60 minutes
Schedule: By appointment
Fee: USD10

How to get help

You can make an appointment with an instructor at English Time:

  • by coming to the Writing Care Office
  • by calling (84)-8- 3937 4358 during our telephone hours.

Note: We do not give any appointments for individual consultations through email or our web site.

"Needless to say, I did get a lot more educated on how to write more clearly. I'm glad I learned a lot more the way my English Time instructor showed me how to correct my paper."

Thien Phuc, a first-year student

The instructor teaches you how to respond to the assignment. Also, you will understand small changes in individual sentences will not improve a paper as much as changes in thesis, focus, and organization will.

 "I was anxious to come to this appointment because I didn't have much done, but leaving here I'm much more comfortable with my topic because my Writing Care instructor at English Time helped me brainstorm and tie things together."

An iBT TOEFL learner 2008


My favorite poems

Proofreading Care
Face-to-face Individual Consultations

English Time provides a professional proofreading care. Our editors all hold at least an M.A. degree in English. Our technical editors have degrees in engineering, math, etc. The experience, competence and credentials of our editors ensure our customers of a quality result.

Who needs help

+ ESL students

Proofreading Care has extensive experience proofreading and editing for ESL students.

+ Business clients

Proofreading Care will help your business attain a professional error free brochure, catalogue, presentation or document.

Proofreading Care provides services available online over the Internet or by fax. These services can be accessed from the office, home, etc.

+ Website clients

Proofreading Care will correct your web pages for spelling, language usage, grammar or other inconsistencies.

What you benefit from Proofreading Care

Proofreading Care will:

  • correct your documents for spelling, language usage, grammar or other inconsistencies
  • review your documents, and rewrite when necessary, to ensure clarity and efficiency
  • develop your rough draft and materials to produce written copy that meets your requirements.


The rates begin at $3 per page for proofreading and $4 per page for editing. For estimating purposes, a typical page contains 250 words. Please contact us to review your requirements.

How to get help

You can make an appointment:

  • by coming to the Proofreading Care Office
  • by calling (84)-8- 3937 4358 during our telephone hours



My favorite poems

Academic Care
We take care of your academic future.

Good educators at Academic Care can discover your real academic issues.
Please consider the following points if you think you need us:

Who needs Academic Care

  • High school students who want to study overseas
  • High school students who fall behind in an English class
  • Parents who are looking for an experienced educator, both spiritual and academic, to take care of their child's education.

What Academic Care can do for you

  • To improve your knowledge and/or skills faster than in a classroom
  • To teach effective study skills
  • To provide more advanced material if you are a gifted and highly motivated student
  • To make a major positive difference in your academic future

What makes Academic Care like no other

Academic Care does NOT provide private tutors. Academic Care provides academic advisors, who focus mainly on not only your current study but your academic future as well.

How to get help

You can make an appointment:

  • by coming to the Academic Care office
  • by calling (84)-8- 3937 4358 during our telephone hours
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